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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

(Reitaisai 10) [Gekidan Bunshichi] Grand Guignol (Touhou Project)

I actually done it.
DL link: http://waa.ai/4d8A

It's almost 150 pages long, but in truth I only had to edit around a hundred. It's still a lot, considering it's a one-man job, but this took all in all about eleven hours in total.

Mononobe Arc, the first chapter, doesn't make a lot of sense if you don't understand the history of the Mononobe clan in ancient Japan, but do enjoy the wonderful artwork done by cis! A lot of googling had to be done to find out what the phrases and chants mean.

I think the translation which turned out the best was the second chapter. I really feel that I've gotten quite a good grip on which words to use and in the end it flows really well.

I particularly enjoyed Orin to Mokou, as the usage of words in there was quite interesting, and it was quite fun. I kind of fell off a bit in the end...

The opening was the hardest part to translate, and for good reason- the words used were so far out not even a regular Japanese person can understand...

Anyway, with this I have an empty request list, so pile it up!


  1. Thank you for all your hard work! I look forward to reading this.

    Would you consider translating Fuantei's Kokoro+Koishi book? http://exhentai.org/g/734482/bc76b22791/

    1. When I saw that sad panda link I hesitated, lol
      Yeah sure, I'll do it.

  2. Wow, didn't think you'd actually do it. Kudos, I raise a drink in your honor.

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  4. pg 34, "I don't more to happen by my hands..."

    not sure about this sentence.

  5. pg 76 "One ore step. She entered it". ("ore" instead of "more").
    pg 84 "both har hands" ("har" instead of "her")
    pg 98, "an rookie", ("a rookie" not an rookie)
    pg 105 was left untranslated.
    pg 110 "what;s a hyena" instead of "what's a hyena" (used a ; intead of ')

    1. Welp, I am potato.
      I'm not in reach of my computer until tomorrow late, so I'll fix it then.
      This is why you should have other people proofread, especially if you're half asleep most of the time :v

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Aaand nevermind, found Orin to Mokou's author's pixiv through the niconico account. Seems like there's no scans of the rest. Damn shame too.

      Great work.
      If you have a queue of some sort, here is another request:

    2. sure, but I won't be able to do much until I get home on the fifth.

      could you link me that account, though? I might be able to find something here

  7. Sure.
    His account number is 41197.
    There are preview of his works there, but only that as far as I can see.
    It loads better on niconico too.
    The preview of that work seems to be here: http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/watch/mg66446?track=ct_first.
    Here's his account link for faster access
    He did upload what seems to be the whole thing in videos, but sadly it is full of chromatic aberrations. Was nice to hear an okami soundtrack in there, mind.