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Monday, July 27, 2015

(Dai 127 ki Bunbunmaru Shinbun Tomo no Kai) [Anzu no KI (Unyakichi)] ○○ Kakeru Hatate (Touhou Project)

getting real tired of your crap
DL: https://waa.ai/v9HP

Fuantei one almost done, cleaning it makes me cri evritiem
I'm alive ~☆
Internet is dead for a long while, but I'll be camping at a cafe so I can do uploads.
Can't be accessing E-H here (for obvious reasons) so won't be able to take requests for the meanwhile.


  1. But what if we uploaded the raws to let's say, imgur, could requests be valid then?

    1. if I can batch download it then it's not a problem

    2. Hey can you translate this? http://exhentai.org/g/748405/1a6c8c80f8/ its more fuantei

    3. ooooh a not-gag doujin by Fuantei, will do.