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Friday, January 16, 2015

(Kouroumu 5) [KEMONOMICHI (Chihiro)] Jukai no Ito (Touhou Project)

DL link: http://waa.ai/4hAK
I couldn't decide on a good panel to use without spoiling the story, so I just took this one.

The foreword on page 2 is the message of a sign posted outside Aokigahara.
Look it up, it may or may not help you understand.

I really like Chihiro's art style, combined with the story.

random TL note: Chihiro uses the word 斃された (<was> killed (violently) by) instead of 倒された (<was> defeated by). They both sound the same (taosareta), one just has a more violent connotation than the other, hence I used the word "killed" instead of "defeated" (it's the one in italics).

rip noob marisa can't even beat stage2
to be fair that spell card where she chases you around is really annoying, and it's a challenge to beat without using Patche as support


  1. Thank you.
    Chihiro's artstyle is beautiful, isn't it. She (is that right?) likes confusing storyline too. 猩々緋 comes to mind. I've all but given hope of Phone Trigger scans seeing the light of day though.
    Chomolung also has nice artstyle. Doko Soko Asoko Koko Kashiko has nice spreads.
    Tact is my middly name. If you take up one of these requests, I'm casting my vote for chihiro's story.
    Thank you again.

  2. this is one of those stories that are confusing but with beautiful artstyle.